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Related article: Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 09:08:21 EDT
From: Kevinmjoaol.com
Subject: Family experiment 4All rights reserved. You may not sell or post to another site or copy
without the permission of the Author. You must be of legal age to read.
contains Male on Male unprotected sex which may lead to the loss of a cum
load. I am not a professional writer so there will be spelling mistakes
and grammar mistakes. If these do really distract you from the story stop
reading do not free litle loli xxx flame me please I already know you are wonderful. Support
Nifty.org with a few dollars to keep this site up and cuming. Kevin Kelly
kevinmjo under Author's for my list. write Kevinmjoaol.com
state your age in numbers for legal reasons. This story is a fantasy.
The sun was just peeking over the far off hills the soft glow
of its light making the out lines of the Kelly farm seen. Kevin stood
alone on the porch deep in thought. He was dressed and had the big pot of
coffee on along with the bacon sizzling in the pan. In short order he
would wake his two Brothers as usual and begin the days work. Well, he
smiled to himself not quite as usual. For today the Grandest thing would
happen Kevin Himself would be able to wake each of his two Adonis
Brothers with his mouth around their growing cocks Aye life in deed was
grand on the Kelly farm.
The Brothers liked the new way Kevin had woken them that morning
with his wet warm mouth around their growing members. He promised more to
come and ran from the room. Seated now at the big breakfast prepared by
the youngest Kelly the boys feasted. Being Saturday they would be doing
the minimum required on the Farm. That being seeing to the Sheep putting
them in the pastures with the barn being made right in no time they would
be done for the day.
At the stroke of 9 AM Sean made the call to Mr. McClean telling him
he would like to have him over to talk about the storing of his horse as
well as to down a few pints with the Brothers should the deal come to be
he was told he could bring the horse over on Monday. Sunday being the
Lords day would never do.
The Brothers took showers each alone wanting to save themselves for
the days playing. Kevin dressed in his favorite American wild west cowboy
out fit. tight brown jeans with a black silk shirt the handkerchief
around the neck and a white hat upon his head of red hair. John dressed
up like a construction worker complete with the tool belt and thick black
boots. Sean Had on his overall bib's one side down and no shirt under it
al all showing his well built chest off. he had on new black boots. The
one bed room up stairs was quickly made up to serve as the focal point of
the deflowering of the Honorable Mr. McClean.
They looked out the window at the sound of McClean's car pulling up
to see him step from the car. He had on a brown suit open jacket and a
gold vest. He hand a nice expensive pair of brown boots on as well. Kevin
remarked that he sure did like the image sexy 10 yo lolita of a young James Gardner the
movie star. Sean laughed and said. It will be a fine thing then fucking a
man who looks like a movie star.
As they were standing on the porch to greet the man Kevin's mind
was wondering if his two Brothers were having flash backs like he was?
Flash backs of sucking this gorgeous man's big cock in the cloak room
after school and bending over a desk to have the man plow that wonderful
bare cock repeatedly in and out of their hungry holes. Kevin shook his
head clear as he shook Mcclean's hand and exchanged a friendly smile with
the man.McClean was accepting his first beer from John and telling the
boys that he had to move from his present location with Mrs. Wilson and
needed to house the horse then find a place to house his own self. Sean
nearly bust out laughing and John was able to give him a look to stop
that. Then John said "You know Sir we just so happen to have a room we
have been giving some thought to renting out ourselves"McClean "Really well this would be a nice location close enough to school
and We have always gotten along so well. Please all of you now call me
Bob. Your all adults now. I would pthc bbs site lolita like to have a look at the room if that
is not an imposition?Sean Please no imposition at all Mr. ER Bob follow us up the stairs. Once
in the room Bob was looking at the bed and saw that on each corner of the
bed post were ropes tied with loops in them? he turned to say something
and was grabbed by all three of the burly strong men in the room. He
fought as well as he could but to no use and soon decided it was more
then useless to resist. They were saying nothing as One was pulling off
his shirt after his suit jacket to expose his bare chest to them. Then he
was pushed down on the bed John the strongest of them all held him in
place while Sean was of all things pulling down Bob's pants. Bob let out
with "Man have you gone daft? Why in God's name would you be taking off
me pants? He got no answer. Kevin was pulling off his boots and the
sailed across the room His socks were then pulled off and Sean was now
pulling his pants and silk underwear down and over lolita bbs elwebb great his feet. The three of
them now turned the man over on his stomach and were busy tying up his
feet and hands to the bed post. there he laid face down naked on a
strange bed shaking with the fear of God at what the three daft young men
could ever be up to?
Feeling the bed move on his right Bob turned in that direction to
see Sean coming up to his head balls ass naked he was and holding a large
hard man dick in his hand. With a smile on his face that Bob knew meant
the boy was planning nothing good. Sean said inching his massive cock
head to his mouth. " Take and eat my dick Bob. Suck on my meat like I use
to suck on Yours man"
No No Bob called out I don't do that" Even as he was protesting he was
opening his mouth and taking in that wide thick bare dick head. he had of
curse sucked many a cock in his day and with them all this was the best
so far. He was loving this dick in his mouth and Sean was feeding that
big bare meat to him. Then Bob felt a tongue on his bare feet and the
licking was wonderful. Then his hips were moved over some and a hand was
on his bare hard dick and then sucking his cock as he sucked on Sean's
hard meat.
If this was to be torture then Bob was more then willing to be the
victim. Who ever was doing his feet sure knew how to do a man's feet. The
warm wet tongue was all over Bob's bare feet sucking and licking. The One
on his sock was sucking Bob's lolita bbs elwebb great cock like no tomorrow and Sean was feeding
that wonderful thick meat of his into bob's hungry mouth. Then the one on
his feet talked and Bob knew it was Kevin was going to fuck Bob he said.
Hell Bob had remembered from years ago just how hung young Kevin was and
knew that a man meat that big would surely leave him ripped in two. No
choice was to be given the Irishmen in these quarters and with little
warning Bob's hole was being invaded by Kevin's monster cock. With no
show of young lolitas litle teens mercy or a toot of care Kevin plowed his monster dick bare into
the hole spreading and causing the maximum pain possible to the man below
him. Bob moaned and Yes even cried as he was so painfully spread wide
open filling with man meat. He felt the handsome young man's bare balls
slapping against his hole and then The Lord free litle loli xxx be thanked Bob was loving the
cock now fucking so hard in and out of him. hitting his spot and driving
him so wonderful crazy with the love of cock inside him.
In all too short in order Young Kevin was unloading his viral cum
load in the man. To be replaced at once by the other Brother and another
wild fucking and yet another load of Kelly cum inside him. Then Sean was
mounting Bob's cum soaked up hole and fucking his big bare dick inside
him pushing the others cum even deeper inside of the helpless man's hole
and adding his own cum load to Bob's store of cum.
Bob was then pulled from the bed had a cloth placed in his mouth and
hands tied behind him then lead to a bath room on the same floor. after
that back to the bed to be tied up again. The boys left him like that for
more then two hours. Alone afraid he would never been herd of again after
this day Bob had nothing to do but think over his life and what a mess he
had made of it. He herd loud talking and laughing from many men down
stairs. He tried desperately to somehow make a noise in the hopes of
getting help? He heard steps many steps coming then the door opened
looking side ways he saw the Kelly boys still all naked and behind them
he saw no less the four others all young men He knew he had once or the
other time had in his class and Oh God had once or the other abused. It
was to be a fuck party dinner and Bob was the main course. his ass was
fucked by each in turn at lest once in the next hour so much raw male cum
was fucked into him that he was running cum from his ass like a river.
Much later that night after hours of being fucked and loving it all.
The Kelly boys came in nice kds rape loli pedo
as you please and were untying the man and
telling him to come down now for a drink. No clothes to be found Bob had
to walk down naked and there sat the three Brothers at the table nice as
You please. The big one John spoke first handing Bob a drink he said
"Look man kds rape loli pedo what we did to you today was not what we should have done at
all" Bob was more then mad and shouted at him "You dam well know what you
did was criminal" John slapped the Man's face so hard he fell to the
floor. Laying there John went on "What we should have done was kill your
sorry ass. We had a meeting between fucking your sorry ass today of no
less then 10 of your victims. Some voted to kill You to prevent your ever
doing the likes of that again. Others wanted to turn you into the IRA for
the lot of them to handle the likes of you as they only know how. We
three voted to insure you a life here on this very farm as our personal
housekeeper and lolita bbs elwebb great sex slave for the next five years. Your to help out here
and keep that sweet ass of Yours open to being fucked by our group of
buddies. After the five years you are free to go as you wish.
Bob proped up on one arm said " And what am I supposed to do about
my teaching? Kevin came in with " We have decided along with our IRA unit
that You sir are never to teach young boys again or pay with your life"
Sean looking mad said "You are as of now under Our protection ever leave
this farm without one of us and You will be young lolitas litle teens subject to the punishment of
the IRA and tortures only an Irishmen could think up. You obey serve your
five years and you may be allowed to live"
John stood. His cock was at least half hard and Bob bowed his head and
then reached up to take hold of John's big bare dick saying. " Gentlemen
from my heart of hearts I thank you as I know only too well what would
befall the likes of me in the arms of the IRA. I promise to be a good and
faithful servant for the five years."
Bob the handsome ex-teacher was then allowed to join the Brothers at
the table and have the beers of friendship along with them. They talked
about the night and the hot handsome studs that had been fucking Bob's
sore ass all night. There would be more parties like that one in the
future with the local boys sharing their secret love of men with each
others freely at the Kelly farm.End of the story?write kevinmjoaol.com You must give your age for legal reasons.
Please no flames.
Moving to Montreal in June of 05 so address will change look to new
stories after for my new address
Thanks to all who have written me. Check out my profile kevinmjo on AOL
for more pictures et al.
Love Kevin Kelly
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